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He was born in Ankara in 1995. He started his high school education at Ankara Fine Arts High School in 2009 and completed his painting department with a certificate of honor in 2013.

He was interested in Olympic sports for 2 years and professionally played Fencing for 2 years. Between 2014 and 2017, he performed on many stages as a blues-rock band member.

After graduation, he continued his art education at the Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture, and completed his education in 2018 with a certificate of honor.

He took part in the establishment of the Ankara Art and Society Association in 2015. In 2017, he became a member of collective art groups in Mannheim, Germany, and Seoul, South Korea, and carried out many projects at home and abroad.

He started his master's degree at the Marmara University Institution of Fine Arts and started Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara in 2020.

He continues his research and studies...





2009 - 2013

Ankara High School of Fine Arts - Painting Department

2013 - 2018
Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts - Sculpture Department

Istanbul Architecture and Urbanism Research Academy

2020 - 2022
Marmara University Institution of Fine Art - Master of Sculpture Department

Accademia di Bella Arti di Carrara - Scultura Biennio


SomoS Art Residency, Berlin, Germany


3rd New Discoveries in Sculpture Competition, - 1'st Prize, Istanbul, Turkey


25'th Peano Foundation 'Scultura da Vivere' Sculpture Competition - 1'st Prize, Cuneo, Italy


'Humano' Loft-Art Mixed Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey

22'nd İnternational Büyükçekmece Sculpture Symposium, Istanbul, Turkey
Elgiz Museum ‘’Future’’ Sculpture Terrace Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey

Art Engiadina, 27'th International Sculptor's Symposium, Sur - En, Switzerland 

ArtContact Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey


‘’Piksel’’ New Media Residency, Istanbul, Turkey

ASAS Aluminum Sculpture Competition - 1'st Prize, Istanbul, Turkey

38'th AKBANK ‘Contemporary Artists Prize Exhibition’, Istanbul, Turkey

Elgiz Museum ‘’Is There Life on Earth’’ Sculpture Terrace Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey

EVS JOUDG Breshia ‘Participatory Video as a Tool and Creative Arts’, Debar, Macedonia


Elgiz Museum ‘’From Another Hill’’ Sculpture Terrace Exhibition Grove Art Mixed Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey

National Council of Education Fine Arts Faculties Degree Graduates Exhibition IX, Ordu, Turkey

‘’Playing Strategy of Art“ Workshop, Istanbul, Madrid


METU ‘’Arts and Society Association’’ Mixed Exhibition, Ankara, Turkey 

Marmara University FAF 7. International Triennial, Istanbul, Turkey 

Daekyo International 3D Symposium, Seoul, South Korea 
MADEBYARTIST 10 Symposium, Varna, Bulgaria

’‘Breaching the Surface’’ - Subculture of Mannheim Workshop, Mannheim, Germany

“CCA-MUGSF “Locality And Global Discourse’’ Workshop, Istanbul, San Francesco 
EVS Genista Foundation ‘Sustainable Agriculture and Biological Diversity’, Kalkara, Malta


Elgiz Museum ‘’Fugitive Shadow’’ Sculpture Terrace Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey

Başkent University ‘’Arts and Society Association’’ Mixed Exhibition, Ankara, Turkey 

Nazım Hikmet CAC ‘’Arts and Society Association’’ Mixed Exhibition, Ankara, Turkey 


Istanbul Chamber of Architects ‘’Studio X’’ Workshop, Istanbul, Turkey

Kartal International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Istanbul, Turkey
'Journey to Renaissance’ Mixed Exhibition, Ankara, Turkey

European Union Plastic Arts Symposium, Ankara, Turkey



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